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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Most of us think of teeth whitening as just a cosmetic dental procedure, and not a necessity when it comes to maintain our oral hygiene. It’s well known that those who mostly opt for teeth whitening may just want brighter teeth, as a way of enhancing their smiles.
Well, this is not entirely true because teeth whitening also helps in transforming our teeth appearance, especially in cases where you have either stained or discolored teeth.
There are a few reasons why your teeth may be getting stained, which ultimately calls for a teeth whitening procedure. Smoking or taking lots of dark colored drinks like coffee, red wine and tea coupled with not taking good care of your teeth contribute greatly to this.

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Your teeth may also get stained because you are aging, or have been overly exposed to too much fluoride or tetracycline antibiotics. This mostly causes intrinsic staining, which includes having stains inside your teeth.
Although these stains may not be noticed, Dr. Tyson still recommends teeth whitening to prevent the teeth from getting any darker.

Am I An Ideal Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

If you have stained or discolored teeth, your dentist will definitely recommend having them whitened. You can still go through with the procedure if you just want brighter teeth.

Keep in mind that having prior dental conditions such as cavities, receding gums or tooth decay may affect the treatment, and your dentist will recommend first treating the conditions before the teeth whitening treatment.

What Should I Expect During Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The best part about this procedure is that it can be done successfully, both at the dentist’s office or from the comfort of your own home. It’s always best to visit the dentist if you can, since they may also want to conduct a full examination before embarking on the treatment.

For a home teeth whitening, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth to create a mouthpiece, and fills it with a whitening gel. You are required to wear this mouthpiece for several hours every day for about 2-3 weeks. Ensure that you consult with him first before buying over the counter teeth whitening products.

Treatment at the dentist’s premises involves first taking pictures of your teeth, which will help he orthodontists monitor the progress. At Huntsville dentists, we will also want to find out what may have caused the staining, so that you can take caution to avoid the substances as we proceed.

The dentists then cleans your teeth to get rid pf any bacteria or any other substances lodged in between your teeth. The procedure involves using a powerful whitening gel, which is activated by specialized light or laser to allow for faster bleaching. This takes about 3 appointments, of at least 30-90 minutes each, depending on the severity of the stains.

If you had a root canal done on the teeth, a different course of action is taken. Your dentist places the whitening agent in the tooth and covers with a temporary filling, which is taken out after several days.

Are There Any Post Treatment Instructions?

Teeth whitening is not such an invasive dental procedure, and you will be fine right after the treatment is done. In case you experience swelling or soreness in your gums, its best to consult your dentist.

Dr. Tyson strongly advises keeping away from substances that may keep staining your teeth. You may also be required to visit your dentist for a re-whitening treatment within 6-12 months.